Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week In Photos #1

Hello! As you can tell from the photo above, I haven't been posting due to many reasons. Number one being that I re-updated my laptop and it died on me and wiped everything from it. Number two was that my mother, being the kind woman she is, wouldn't let me pop onto her laptop just to check my facebook,email,etc. I've also been bombed with homework, 6 hour long projects, yuck. So sorry for neglecting you guys!

birthday prezzie for my friend, wishing it was mine//my eye, random photo blurry but me likes//scrabble ring!//moii, love this photo, but it got no likes on facebook :(//designing cos i was bored//fake cambridge satchel broke again//books for holiday

Selection of random photos which date back a couple of weeks, sorry!

Am in France until Tuesday and am then having a bit of a Halloween party with my friends so will be posting about these both soon.

T'arrah for now!


  1. Hello :)
    The mustache earrings and the scrabble piece ring are adorable :)
    I really like your blog :)

    1. ooh thank you! the ring is from etsy and the earrings are river island, i agree they're both really sweet! xx

  2. Such a cute scrabble ring! :)

  3. I have mustache earrings, but not from River Island. They do some great value earrings :) Would you like to do a blogger button swap together?

    Love Emily

  4. btw how much were the earrings? xx