Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Not You It's Me

ahahahah, the title of this sounds so drastic, but anyway, i relocated.

sorry, it just wasnt working. i'd be grateful if you followed me on here if you'd go follow me over there too!
thanks lovelies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Beginning To Look At Lot Like Christmas..

Hello again,

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for, i'm back in the blogging routine, *cue shouts*. The mother has finally fixed the laptop and I've now spent the whole evening editing and looking at photos, aswell as planning a lot of upcoming posts. So, no more apologising for not posting..I have no more excuses.

The last few weeks seem to have gone so fast and now it's like, Christmas is finally here. So thought I'd do a couple of Christmassy themed shots as I can't be bothered thought this would be nicer than a Week In photos type thing.

Hope you're all okay, hows your Christmas countdown going, what's on your wishlists?

Love ya lots,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist


Christmas is coming and we're all feeling it so i decided to do my Crimbo post today, as I've seen a load of bloggers already starting to do theirs! I also did this style of post as I STILL can't put up any photos due to my mother still not fixing the laptop, but hopefully it really will be back on Sunday, so I'll be properly back in the routine after then. Got loads of posts coming up: collar tips, haul, weeks in photos, etc.
But anyway, on with today's post.

1. Diana F Mini Camera in Pink-

I've wanted a lomography camera ever since I went to the Museum of London and they had an exhibition on. I've been obsessed ever since. My dad found one online with Alice in Wonderland on it which I'm in love with, but I also love this one in hot pink.

2. The Wah Nails Book Of Nail Art- all book stores
Saw this book on Sophie's blog The Secret Avenue and she really recommended it and I've really been into nail art recently so it seems like a good read. Plus it has a cute cover and some lush designs.

3. Cream Wooly Jumper- Miso
I've just bought myself a burgandy jumper from Javelin but it's really baggy and I'd really like one which will go with more things, as my burgandy one is a bit more casual as I bought a Medium on purpose. Plus I'd like to try a lighter colour and this one is only £17.

4. Purple Winter Tights- Monki
Last year I grabbed a pair of beigey winter tights in the sale at Gap for only £3.99 and they've lasted me ages, I wear them with denim or corduroy shorts and big biker boots all the time and they're the perfect staple for every wardrobe. These are a slightly different colour that I don't normally go for and they look pretty cute.

5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs
If you don't like/haven't heard of this perfume then there is seriosuly something wrong with you. It's the perfect scent as it's not too strong but not too weak and it's not one of those scarily expensive ones. The bottle is pretty and everything about it just screams BUY ME. I don't yet own a big brand perfume, so hopefully 'Santa' will pop a gift set in my stocking this year!

6. Nokia Lumia 800- Phones 4 U
There's no doubt about it, I need a new phone. My phone is currently being held together at the bck with cellotape and although I still get compliments about it, it really needs to retire. I've loved this phone for a-ges! And I loved it before the adverts came out. It's No.1 on all the top 10 smartphone lists and it's got an awesome pink back. It's a win-win situation.

7. Lana Del Rey ' Born To Die' The Paradise Edition
I love Lana Del Rey. I don't love her to look cool, or because I want to be 'different', I just love her style of music and her iconic voice. It's the one album where I love all the songs, I never skip a track! I just heard her new single 'Ride' on Jools Holland and now want the Paradise Edition too, though it'll probably be easier just to download the songs I haven't got!

8. Cath Kidston make up case- Cath Kidston
My mum hinted that she might be getting me this for all my brace stuff as I really need something to carry it all in. Everybody loves Cath Kidston, and it comes with a cute little mirror. Bonus.

9. Tan Chelsea Boots- River Island
I went vintage shopping with my dad ( yes I know.) in Brick lane back in May and every single shop had atleast 20 pairs of used Chelsea boots. I really regret buying a pair now as I've always loved Chelsea boots and they look slightly better a bit worn in. But these ones from River Island are the perfect style.

Sorry for not doing a proper post, this is one of those ' ineedtopostbutdon''tknowwhattodoposts' so I apologise again, hopefully the next post will be up Sunday. Fingers crossed!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sophie's Designing Skills

Hello Again!

Just a quickie to say a massive thank you to Sophie from SophieSaid for all her hard work on my blog's new design. I think it's gorgeous, and it really suits my whole Alice in Wonderland thing i've got going on. ( did you see I called you guys my mad hatter's?!)

Anyone can get a new theme and she's completely free and offers a great service. Obviously if she gets lots of requests she may start charging, so get in there while you can, she's fab and she really enjoys it too!

I asked for a vintagey/girly design and that proof is my new header and button. She also installed some social network buttons and cute 'contact me' and 'mad hatter' buttons. She must have spent a whole day doing it and I just want to say a massive thank you!

Love you lots Sophie!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week In Photos #2

Hello again. Sorry about the boring photos by the way, I like doing weeks in photos but sorry if these photos bore you a bit, these few weeks haven't really been what I call 'photo-worthy'.

In the last few weeks that I’ve been neglecting you my life has been really boring, so if you look at it this way it's kind of good that I haven't been my blogging self! I got braces a few weeks ago, they’re blue, and I look like a proper teenager.
I’m starting to like them now, and according to my friends, they suit me. I also went to town with the best friend, which I will do a proper post about soon as I bought loads. Other than that, nothing has happened. Although I’m in Holland right now and am going shopping again tomorrow, so I will save what I buy from that trip and do it all as a massive haul post as soon as I get back, or sooner.
Right now I’m doing French homework, ugh, and editing photos for an upcoming review on Soap & Glory’s mascara.
Hope you all had a great few weeks. See you soon!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A/W Wishlist

A/W Wishlist


1. Topshop Knitted Jumper.
Jumpers for me are one of the highlights of Autumn. Teamed with shorts and wooly tights or just with some cords or jeans, I love getting all snuggled in with a cute collar popping out.

2.  Topshop Skater Skirt

I've seen these skirts everywhere, every blogger seems to own one and I'm feeling a tad left out. I don't own one but I love them. They're so military/rock chick yet girly at the same time. 

3. Topshop Studded Slippers

I've wanted a pair of these for about a year now and I can't get myself to buy them. They're so lovely, but so expensive. Knowing me I'll probably wear them out straight away, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'm still debating with myself, but I love them so much...*sigh*

4. Topshop (anyone seeing a trend) Lipstick in Inhibition

I've heard so many good things about the Topshop lipsticks, and I've been wanting to try out some darker colours, and this is so perfect, so I might have to take a trip to Topshop soon.

5. FreeFallUk Green Cambridge Style Satchel

I love satchels. I'd like to say I started the trend at my school, everyone looked at me strangely when I came in with my tan one, then they saw the advert and suddenly everyone started complimenting me! I love this colour at the moment and again, it's so Autumny and lovely!

6. Topshop Army Camo Jacket

Let's face it, I'm never going to buy this, it's so expensive! All the girls at school have got one of these, and I have to admit they are quite cool. Teamed with rolled up sleeves and a messy bun, oooooh. Never mind, can't afford it anyway, but it's so nice!! Why is Topshop so fab?

7. Collar Tips Dress by New Look

I love collar tips! I've ordered a pair on ebay for 99p, but they came from Hong Kong, so I'll be lucky if they arrive next year. But I love collars, and these babies are so small, but change an outfit so much. 

8. Dorothy Perkins Checked Shirt

I never really shop at Dorothy Perkins, it closed down in my town and now the closest one is about half an hour away, so I've never really been in there, but I love shirts, they were in fashion a few years ago and then they just dissappeared overnight! Then I spotted one in H&M the other day and the best friend bought one, but the colour wasn't quite right for me. This one however is perfect, and it's the perfect cut.

Sorry for not posting in literally years, homework's been B.U.S.Y and the GCSE word is everywhere right now. Also my laptop is being fixed, so I've been saving up loads of posts which include photos, ( hauls, week in photos, favourites, etc) but they should be posted up in the next few days as I'm going to Holland for the weekend and will be making good use of my Grandad's iMac! Sorry again for rushing this post a bit, the writing isn't as good as it normally is, I rushed. Haven't posted for a-ges and I can't apologise enough, sorry!

Anyway, hope you've all been having a good few weeks! See you all soon!


P.S  What are you wishing for right now?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Liebster Award


Woke up this morning to find that the lovely Valeria from Gilded Butterflies had nominated me for a Liebster award. So a very big thank you to her for nominating me, it means a lot, especially because I'm a brand new blogger!

So this is the Liebster award, and it's basically for brand new bloggers, so someone is always being tagged, like a sort of chain.

Here are the rules:
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2.Answer the 11 questions the person that tagged you left for you.
3.Create 11 new questions for the people your going to nominate.
4.Lastly, you must tag 11 new people who have less than 200 followers. AND, not tagging back is allowed.

So, lets start with the random facts.

1. I'm 5 ft 7 and am always one of the tallest girls, a boy in my class calls me the BFG, which btw is NOT funny!
2.I'm half dutch, my mum speaks it to me like your mum speaks English to you.
3. I've had a lot of failing blogs before, but I feel like this blog is the ONE.
4.I once found a rabbit skull in my school playground and hid it in the girl's loo's.
5.I have a soft spot for Hollister, (i'm so sorry!)
6.I have a younger brother.
7.When I was 7 I swear I saw the tooth fairy, except now I think it was probably a fly.
8.My first visit to London was when I was 2 months old, I now go more than 6 times a year and am planning to go to university there to study Fashion Journalism.
9.I own a tractor,it's mine! And we also have a yellow VW camper.
10. I love collages, my whole wall is a collage and it's great because when you go off someone you cna just stick something/someone else over them.
11.I have a mole on the palm of each hand, yeah on my palm!

Now to the questions..

1. When's your birthday?
The 5th of April.

2. What's your biggest dream?
To become a fashion journalist, I'm not one of those girls who wanted to be a princess or a doctor or always changed her mind. I want to be a Fashion Journalist and i'm determined to make it happen.

3. Your perfect afternoon consists of?
Walking through the streets of Brick Lane with a vintage camera and a nice proper cup of tea in my hand.

4.Your most cherished memory?
It's really sad but I have no clue! I have some, but not really exciting ones that I'll remember for the rest of my life!

5.What's your favourite movie?
Aaah! This is slightly easier! I have two, Roman Holiday, with Audrey Hepburn. She's just so lovely and sweet and you'll fall in love with her once you've seen this. And The Time Traveller's Wife. Makes me sob every single time but it's worth watching. It's very complicated but so romantic and funny and..and..and just aaaahhh.

6. What's your quirkiest habit?
This is slightly disgusting ( but aren't all habits?) but every time I eat crisps or peanuts I have to pick the food out of my teeth, i'm so sorry that's awful! My other one is that I can't go outside without having polished toes. Seeing my toes without nail polish freaks me out, I'm naked without it.

7. Do you have any lucky charms?
I have a tiny little soft toy, a sleeping doll, which my mum made and whenever i'm worried or can't sleep I just sit it by my pillow! I'm such a child. I also have a ring which my Nanna gave to me and it's really special and has little flowers engraved into it!

8. What makes you feel happy above anything else?
Having a good laugh with friends and feeling that they're always there for you. It's really vain, but I also love getting a compliment. I'm not the most confident of people so when I get a compliment it makes me feel really good about myself.

9. How would describe yourself in 3 words?
Shy, Funny and Weird.

10. Do you have a favourite word?
Quintessential. I first saw it in Vogue and I love how you can add it with anything. Quintessentially British. Quintessentially Chanel. Quintessentially Vintage. I love it!

11. Do you collect anything?
I keep everything I can in a big vintage suitcase. Train tickets, postcards, receipts, letters, party invites. I want to keep them forever!

Now to my nominations! ( she's not that new, but she's fab, and she's got less than 300 followers) (she's not new either, but she's also fab)

I found this really hard, as most of the blogs I read are already quite popular and experienced. But these people all have under 300 followers and I like them all.
 And finally my questions for these lovelies...

1. What's your favourite animal?
2. What would you name your child? (boy and girl)
3. What one thing can you not live without?
4. What would be the first thing you'd buy if you won the lottery?
5. What car do you/ your parents if you don't drive have?
6. Your favourite tv program?
7. Studs or Sparkles?
8. If you could have one talent what would it be?
9. What's your dream job?
10. Strictly or X-Factor?
11. What colour is your bedroom?

That's it for now, just to let you know I got tumblr.. www. and I'll be posting very soon about Halloween! See you soon, and TAG your it!