Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eos and Baby Lips Review


I've been wanting to post about this for so long, even before I started this blog, but as the lovely lady who bought these for me was in America, I couldn't do it. Anyway, I've seen a lot of blogger's raving about the new Balmi lip balms, so was very excited when my Eos lip balm came, because, in my mind, it's the posher version which is annoyingly only available in the US! I know Sophie from Sophie Said loves the Balmi balms, so I think her especially will love this!

First things first: the shape. The shape is basically what the Eos lip balms are all about. I never realised before until I got an Eos balm, that the Balmi's shape and lid is really cheap compared to the Eos ones. The inside cover has a plastic half sphere which fits the balm however you screw it on. You could screw it on really lazily and the balm wouldn't be harmed! This I especially love. I also love the cute sound it makes when it clicks into place!

Secondly: the flavour & coverage. At first I hated the flavour ( summer fruits), but now I've got used to it and am constantly finding myself licking my lips! It's really fruity and tropical and generally yummy. The coverage is one downside of the product, you do have to really apply quite a lot for it to feel properly covered, but once you're 'covered' you don't have to apply anymore for a few hours. I often have very dry lips during the Autumn/ Winter as i'm sure everyone does, and this is just perfect to prop up on your bedside table, or just in your handbag/schoolbag! I propped mine up on my school desk the other day and got quite a few strange looks. A girl said to me "What the hell is that?"and her face lit up when I unscrewed the lid and showed her it was lip balm!

Now for my other present from the US, a Maybelline Baby Lips balm. I was constantly seeing these in Teen Vogue and looked them up online, I then saw they were only available in the US. So I asked my neighbour to pick me up some as she's an air hostess. I personally think Maybelline should make these available in the UK too as i'm sure they'd sell!
Firstly: the packaging. I really love this packaging. It's girly and clean and professional all at the same time. Plus it comes in all the different colours to match each flavour. So for this flavour, Pink Punch, its hot pink and yellow.

Secondly: the flavour and colour. I really generally love this flavour. It's simple and yummy and matches the girly colour. When you look at the colour you'd think that its way too bright and something your gran might wear, but it''s not! It's a sort of pale pinky colour which you can get away with for school! Plus, unlike the Eos balm, just one swipe gives you full coverage, which I'm very pleased with.

Overall, I really love both these balms, but am dissappointed you can't get them here in the UK, as I know I'd be a top customer!

Thanks for reading, have got lots of Autumn inspired posts coming up and hopefully an outfit post!

Do you have any Eos lip balms? Or do you prefer the Balmi ones? Let me know!



  1. Oh I love the Eos lip balm! I have this flavour too! Xx

  2. Love that lip balm!
    If possible please check out our blog :-)

  3. How sweet of you to mention me, great post!


  4. Just to let you know I've replied to your email. x

  5. really want to try these, shame you can't get them in the uk! x

    1. i know! it is a shame, but i'm sure you can buy them on the website, but its the shipping that costs so much! x

  6. Ooh, these look great, wish you could get them over here!

    Pip x